We have the pleasure to announce that we have added an Intelligent Agent, AGENT 4, to our System of protection ARCHANGEL.

Thanks to this new feature even in case a hacker is trying to take control of your system of security he will have to face AGENT 4.

If a guided missile is launched with a precise objective, without that system, any enemy who successfully take over the missile when flying towards its objective, will be the only one to be able to change its destination without that the administrator of the missile can do anything to stop it.

If the same missile is equipped with ARCHANGEL that contains AGENT 4, even if the hacker can try to take over the control of the missile, he will not be able to complete his action and will never have such control.

This is valid for all command centers, governments, banks, financial institutions…

Of course ARCHANGEL, just like any other firewall, could stop a hacker to take over the command of a system, but now there is an additional feature specially dedicated to that function: AGENT 4.

AGENT 4 of ARCHANGEL is the ULTIME weapon against an attack with the intention to take over the control of any device, any system.

As a promotion, we offer ARCHANGEL with AGENT 4 (ARCHANGEL A4) at the same price at which we offer ARCHANGEL if the order is placed before June 30, 2020. After this date, the price will be increased by 50%.

Contact us for any additional information you would like to obtain.

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