Why choose ARCHANGEL for your cyber security?

Because ARCHANGEL © is the only intelligent firewall that offers you TOTAL, AUTOMATIC and REAL-TIME CYBER PROTECTION, 24/24 AND 7/7 WITHOUT HUMAN INTERVENTIONWhether you want to protect your institution’s IT infrastructure or just your computer, you are spoiled for choice with all the solutions available to you… Read more….

We have the pleasure to announce that we have added an Intelligent Agent, AGENT 4, to our System of protection ARCHANGEL.

Thanks to this new feature even in case a hacker is trying to take control of your system of security he will have to face AGENT 4.

If a guided missile is launched with a precise objective, without that system, any enemy who successfully take over the missile when flying towards its objective,…. Read more …

As humans in general, technology can be attacked by viruses and one of them is Malware. The danger of Malware is indeed something that most people avoid. This is because Malware itself is able to damage the computer system, especially the programs and software on your device. Malware which stands for Malicious Software is able to find weaknesses and damage programs on your computer.

Malware Danger

If the computer is attacked by Malware, then you must be vigilant and immediately do the cleaning with a powerful antivirus. If not, there will be lots of programs, applications, software, and even data on the computer that is damaged and lost by itself. It will be a big problem when damaged data or programs are very important and related to your work or business.

Usually, Malware threats can enter from the internet, then spread into computer systems. The danger from Malware attacks does pose enormous risks and adverse effects. Even in the year 2000, there was a Malware attack with the name ILOVEYOU virus which damaged millions of well-known computer companies in America, one of which belonged to the CIA.

” ADWARE is a type of malware that can install itself on a computer without the user’s knowledge. Once installed, this malware can display advertisements that often interfere with the user.
This ad can be a pop-up on the desktop and a browser page that displays a search engine. “

Rampant malware

Protect your device from virus attacks

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