I can’t help but draw a parallel between KASEYA and SOLARWINDS.

Both companies offer I would say “hyper-integrated” solutions, the “all in one”, management and security, easy to use and both put forward the IT security not only of their solution but especially of the whole IT system of the users.

And both seem to either be adept at “do as I say, not as I do” unless they are deceiving users about the quality and effectiveness of their solutions.

On closer inspection, both offer full visibility that should allow for immediate reaction and data protection.

It is clear that both companies were unable to detect the early stages of the attacks, despite the vaunted performance of their security solutions.

The fault of these two companies is that they wanted to “hyper-integrate” everything, the IT protection solution with the IT management solution.

Data management and IT security cannot be integrated in one product.

Of course, when creating a program, one must take care of the security in its design but the control of this security can never be done by the creator or manager of this program.

KASEYA and SOLARWINDS wanted to integrate the totality of internet, management and protection solutions and when they integrated these solutions for their clients they did not apply their security solutions within their company.

PT SYDECO has created an “ALL-IN-ONE” IT security solution but it only focuses on data, program and server security.

If users of KASEYA and SOLARWINDS products had used our solutions, they would have been protected and would have experienced at most a few seconds of downtime.

If KASEYA and SOLARWINDS had used our solutions, they would never have had this problem. Indeed, our solution doesn’t just observe and use antiviruses that are always outdated, but focuses on what needs to be protected.

By creating a shelter around the programs, Sydeco’s solution effectively protects the programs, regardless of the nature of the attack or of the virus used.

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