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How To Work safely at Home

Let us not let this terrestrial pandemic generate a digital pandemic, and organizations destabilized by cyberattacks! You, Operators of Essential Services, health establishments, universities or all businesses today, because of this pandemic you are mostly digital and it is essential to support you in the days and weeks to come to ensure your resilience. We, PT SYDECO are committed to your side. It is our responsibility to ensure the security and availability of access and data, and to help you to preserve your business continuity plan.

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The sectors that are actually the most targeted​

ARCHANGEL is very secure because placed at the entrance of the Internet in your establishment, it protects servers and workstations by automatically detecting and neutralizing in real time advanced or unknown threats. Thanks to its learning system, its heuristic technologies, its sandboxes, its Artificial Intelligence, its knowledge bases, it neutralizes and quarantines all malicious attacks.

In one year, ARCHANGEL has stopped almost 5,000,000 attacks carried out against PT SYDECO and more than 64,000 attacks carried out for just over a week against Muhammadiyah University …. Read more ……

Online File Sharing

Whether we are students, teachers, independents, hospitals, financial institutions or governments, we all have data of our own,or that concern our clients,patients or administrators.We are all aware of the need to protect them and the consequences that can be reversed if they were to be made public or fall into inappropriate hands. These data are stored in servers, computers, ffices or at home for the individual student or professional…. Read more….

Don’t become a victim of the MAZE ransomware

A new threat first appeared in November 2019 and tends to grow taking advantage of the troubled times of the pandemic.This is called DOUBLE EXTORTION.

Hackers add an extra level to the attack: Before encrypting their victim’s data, Hackers steal them and threaten to publish them if the ransom demands were not paid.

To prove their claims, they publish a small amount of the most sensitive stolen facts threatening to release more if the ransom was not paid….. Read More ….

Main Threats and how to protect yourself against them

Now during this period, most of the people have to change their habits and have to work at home and the hackers take advantage of this disorganization to intensify their attacks and they will not stop from one day the other when confinement will end but they will continue to take advantage of people’s fear ….. Read more….


During the first quarter of 2020, a significant increase in attacks conducted through online platforms such as forums, social media, APKpure or Google Play, used as a means of spreading malware was observed in Southeast Asia.

These attacks target iOS or Android devices with the aim of both geopolitical espionage and quick financial gain (TOKOPEDIA is only the most recent known episode in Indonesia)….. Read more ….

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