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THE IT Security encompasses both the security of information and management systems (IT Management Security) and the industrial security or the functionalities of the company or institution.

Industrial Security and IT Management Security follow different rules and industrial security must in any event be given priority because, deprived of its essential functions, an Industrial Company, Hospital, Institution or University may see its damage quantified exorbitantly and in some cases even be forced to cease its activities.

PT SYDECO, ARCHANGEL / SST and SydeCloud products, manufactured in Indonesia, are perfectly adapted to be integrated into a general security policy, acting as major components of industrial security and IT management security for any company or institution.

I propose to start by presenting the question of Industrial Security, how it looks like, how to envisage it and how to make it a success. In a second step, I will deal with the question of the Security of the management system and will end with the question of IT Security in general.

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