The first completely secure online data protection and sharing system in Indonesia.

Best price

with the best price, you can enjoy the SydeCloud application with a young and safe course

Safe & Confidential

Your file is guaranteed safe and confidential from the connection to the storage server. storage is protected by AI which is always upgraded. Making it more difficult to attack hackers and the latest virus.

Easy to Access

Access your file and folders anytime

Automatic Backup

Automatic Backup
Save Each Company

Authentic Access

Protect data when the device is not with you. You still determine who you will share access with.

Reliable Connectivity

Data exchange is safer by using Artificial Intelligence technology in SST

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Why, SydeCloud ?


Upload, or drag and drop any folder or file to sydecloud.


Access your file and folders anytime,
anywhare from any type of devices
(computers, Tablets or Mobile phones) Start your work in the office terminate it at home. White Data recovery, Remote Upload,
Online Document preview.


With Sydecloud, not only your data are safe in the cloud, but also your devices are safe and the transmission of your data to and from the cloud is totally safe. Thanks to our ALIEN


Share your file with your team or the ones you are giving access to. Share Download and upload link also Get detailed states for your links.

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