The Ultimate protection of your Source Codes, your Programs or your Backups.

What Is SP-One©

PT SYDECO‘s latest research in the field of computer security, SP-One©, completes the range of protection for industrial and information networks.

If ARCHANGEL© protects networks with its firewalls and intelligent agents, and if SST© very effectively protects data in motion or at rest through their transformation into Alien languages and their wave-shaped writings, source codes and computer programs are not immune to an attack from within or from a new virus such as ransomware that the latest antivirus product has not yet faced.

SP-One© protects the source codes, the computer programs themselves or the backups against any attempt of malicious penetration or attempt to violate the intellectual property of innovations.

SP-One© is designed in such a way that antivirus software is no longer necessary in the organisation of computer security of source codes, programs or backups. SP-One© is also designed to withstand an attack from a quantum computer.

How SP-One© Works

The best way to explain how SP-One© works is to compare it to the shell of an oyster in which the program that needs to be protected is the oyster: The protected element is enclosed in its shell which protects it from malicious penetration.

SP-One© allows the protected program to function normally just as if it were not protected.


SP-One© is a program that can be downloaded and that will protect programs, folders, codes that you will want to see protected from any type of attack or theft. 

Its use is very simple since you just have to indicate what must be protected and the SP-One© folder selector will do the rest. A tutorial obviously accompanies the program.

SP-One© is a totally secure program that has no back door and, like all PT SYDECO products, does not involve any third party.

Update SP-One Attack

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Unsuccessful Attacks

Who can use SP-One© ?

In Industry

To protect the production tool which is controlled by a computer program so that it does not fall victim to a computer attack which would paralyze it for many weeks.

In offices

To protect software that is among the most coveted prey of hackers.

At Home

To protect IoT, smart home against any attempt of taking control of it, and to protect the home work against any attempt of misusing or steeling it.

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