Along with the rapid development of information technology, IT security systems can help organizations or companies in building and maintaining information security management systems properly. In connection with this system, the Indonesian government has a high focus on IT implementation by issuing several regulations as a reference or standard in implementing IT governance, one of which is the issuance of the Minister of Communication and Information Republic of Indonesia Regulation No. 04 of 2016 concerning Information Security Management Systems.

Information security is an important component that must be owned by the organization/company. For example, have you ever heard of a loss of company data due to a disaster, or theft of data and information from a company which is then traded by irresponsible people? Yes, all of these things must be anticipated by organizations/companies that want their information data assets to be protected and protected.

On the other hand, the current level of concern of the Indonesian people towards information security is still lacking. For most companies, information security is currently still considered limited to meeting requirements or standards for a particular regulation, whereas on the other hand, companies have so much data and information that must be protected.

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