Are you still doing regular backup in a regular internal or external harddisk, while the security system is doubtful?

We remind you that that is not a safe way to store and backup your valuable files.

You need more secure system that can protect your valuable files from various malwares and hacker attacks. Not only that, you also need a system that allows you to access and share the files to staffs or partners anywhere and anytime.

PT Sydeco is offering what you need for your files storage and protection with its product, SydeCloud.  

Why SydeCloud?

Easy to Use

Upload or drag and drop any folder or files to or from SydeCloud.

Access Files Anywhere

Access your files anytime and anywhere from any type of devices. Start your work in the office terminate it at home. It provides Data Recovery, Remote Upload, and Online Document Preview.

Totally Secure

With SydeCloud, not only your data are safe in the Cloud, but also your devices are safe and the transmission to and from the Cloud is totally safe. Thanks to our Alien Security System and Archangel©

Share your Files

Access your files and share them with your team or partner. Share Download and Upload links. Get detailed stats for your links.

How Important SydeCloud For Me?

We understand that you want the ease of sharing files and accessing them anywhere and anytime. However, do you know that if you still do regular file sharing and backup, those are still vulnerable to viruses and hacker attacks?

Therefore, Total Security is what you need today to protect your valuable files. Never make any loophole for virus and hacker attacks.