PT Sydeco is an Indonesian company established in Yogyakarta. Sydeco was incorporated in December 2013. The company quickly focused on cyber-security needs in general.

SSP© (Secure System of Payment) was the first security product created. SSP© is (1) a gate away system of payment made from a mobile phone without any card and (2) a management of wallet. It is an INNOVATION in the back-end infrastructure of the mobile payment.

But SSP © always used encryption to protect the identification code and sensitive data communicated at the time of registration. As strong an encryption as possible requires that the sender and recipient can read the message using the same key to do so. This key must be sent and this key is in the device of both parties. Using the key is the weakest point of encryption protection.

This is why the R&D team created a protection system for data in move and at rest based on Artificial Intelligence which is not using any key and which is not based on the theory of numbers: SST© (Secure System of Transmission). Thanks to SST©, encryption has become obsolete.

ARCHANGEL ©, another INNOVATION, is a FIREWALL, Dynamic Router and Honey Pot, with Intelligent Agents connected to 2 “BRAINS” (Deep Learning Machine). Its function is to protect all the installations which are connected to it by VPN or by cable against any external attack by filtering all incoming flows and against any lateral contamination inside the protected space.

SydeCloud is an entire system that integrates Archangel© and SST© to protect on site, without displacement, Devices and Data and that allows to share data without any risk thanks to its on-line file sharing

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