Did you know that in 1970, the CIA with the complicity of the German secret services discreetly bought a Swiss encryption company (Crypto AG) and that since then they have spied on more than 120 countries, your country included?*


What about GAFA encryption solutions (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon)?

Will you continue to trust them when you know that they have access to all your data through their servers and their cryptography?

Using Google Drive, Hangout, Amazon Cloud… you give them access to all your more sensible information.

We, PT SYDECO, have the solution so that you can secure your data and that of your citizens or customers, in complete safety: SST© (Secured Transmission System).

It is a protection system, without key and whose server which creates it is at your place?

With SST©, your protection is in your own hands, without outside intervention.

And with SydeCloud© that is protected by SST© and ARCHANGEL©, you build in total security your personal Cloud without losing any data without corrupting their privacy.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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