The sectors that are actually the most targeted


  • A significant volume of threats related to Covid-19, with lures used in all kinds of attacks have been observed. The monitoring of these campaigns reveals that the most targeted sector is that of health, followed by the financial sector, then that of education.
  • Cybercriminals are distributing documents on the pandemic riddled with malicious macros allowing the installation of malicious software on the terminal of targeted people.
  • Several malicious Android applications have been discovered. These abuse keywords related to the pandemic. This is the case with the “Corona Safety Mask” application, which takes advantage of the authorization to send SMS messages to send fraudulent messages to the user’s contact list.

To avoid falling victim to targeted attacks on organizations or persons, PT SYDECO recommends the following:

  • If possible, avoid using Adobe Flash Player. If it is not possible, and you are asked to update it, check on the official website of the product whether it needs an update, as the product is no longer used by most sites and most likely, the update disguises something malicious.
  • Choose a proven security solution such as the Smart Firewall ARCHANGEL for effective protection against known and unknown threats and connect to ARCHANGEL all your devices including iOT, laptop and Mobile phones.
  • Choose the proven security solution SydeCloud for sharing online your files to able your staff working safely at home while your data are safe in the office.

WHY ARCHANGEL is so secure?

ARCHANGEL is very secure because placed at the entrance of the Internet in your establishment, it protects servers and workstations by automatically detecting and neutralizing in real time advanced or unknown threats. Thanks to its learning system, its heuristic technologies, its sandboxes, its Artificial Intelligence, its knowledge bases, it neutralizes and quarantines all malicious attacks.In one year, ARCHANGEL has stopped almost 5,000,000 attacks carried out against PT SYDECO and more than 64,000 attacks carried out for just over a week against Muhammadiyah University.

WHY SST is so secure?

SST, Secure System of Transmission is very secure because it protects your data using our new technology of translation all data in Alien language and writing them in the form of waves.SST Sever is integrated in ARCHANGEL BOX so nobody outside your office can have access to the server. That means that no third party can have access to them.

SST unlike the other systems of protection is not using any key to encrypt or decrypt. The hackers are searching for such keys and the ones who have created the key can have access to all your data. This is what happened during more than 40 years when CIA was spying all other countries:


WHY SydeCloud is so secure?

SydeCloud is very secure because it helps you to build your in-premises Cloud that is protected by ARCHANGEL and to access your data through VPN created by ARCHANGEL and because your data are conveyed in the form of waves: No hacker, no third party can access them.

To respect our commitment we offer you the total protection of your offices, your data and Online File Sharing at 50% of the normal price.

This offer is valid until Mai 31st 2020.

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