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The History of Sydeco

PT Sydeco is an Indonesian company established in Yogyakarta. Sydeco is incorporated in December 2013. The company first focused on website development and graphic design. Along with the technology advancement and the needs of security from many companies, PT Sydeco then developed to become a company that focus on security to all activities through internet.

In 2016, PT Sydeco launched its first product: Secure System of Payment (SSP). Through this system, all mobile transaction will be secured from cyber attacks and hackers’ activity. SSP has three characteristics: total security, affordable transaction fee, and other benefits for banks and vendors. Today, SSP has been utilized by many companies to protect their financial transaction.

Soon after SSP was launched, PT Sydeco continues the research to develop other security product, not just to protect financial transaction but also to protect all data stored in computers or in move. In 2017, PT Sydeco creates Secure System Transmission (SST) and Archangel. Both products are based on Artificial Intelligence.

Key Achievement of Sydeco


Centre of Excellence | UGM | November 2016

PT Sydeco has signed with UGM (Universitas Gadjah Mada) and AMIKOM, another university in Yogyakarta, in order to create a Centre of Excellence for studying Artificial Intelligence and it’s application in the field of security.


CeBIT | Hanover | March 2016

PT Sydeco has been invited by the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia to participate to the CeBIT Hanover in March 2016.


CeBIT | Sydney | May 2016

PT Sydeco has been invited by the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia to participate to the CeBIT Sydney in May 2016.


SmartCooperative "Saving & Loan" | Indonesia | November 2016

PT Sydeco has been invited to create the program for the cooperative in Indonesia using SSP as way of payment. The program has been officially launched in Yogyakarta with the participation of the Ministry of Cooperatives.


CeBIT | Hanover | 2017

PT Sydeco has also been invited by the Ministry of Industry to present SSP in the Indonesian Pavilion in CeBIT Hanover 2017.


Communicasia Singapore | Singapore | May 2017 & 2018

PT Sydeco has been invited to the Communicasian event in Singapore.


Cloud Security Expo | Singapore | October 2018

PT Sydeco exhibit on Cloud Security Expo in Singapore.


Indodefence | Indonesia | November 2018

PT Sydeco exhibit on Indodefence, Jakarta, November 2018.


Cloud Security Expo | Singapore | June 2019

PT Sydeco exhibit on Cloud Security Expo in Singapore.


MOU with the Faculty of Engineering of UGM Yogyakarta | 23rd December 2019

Meet our awesome TEAM

Rizal Hendra Wardana

Project Director

Zainal Mustafid

Office & Payment Officer

Dimas Alan Wijaya

Product Manager

Ahmad Fatah Kumaha

R&D and Archangel Manager

Hendrawan Kurnianto

SysAdmin & Network Engineer

Sydeco Indonesia


A team of talented engineers and experts specialized in computer sciences, data scientists, physicists, robotic, electronic and analysts.

Each one brings his specific expertise to grow together permanently according to our priorities which are to protect business and people against any cyber attack.

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